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The Anatomy of a Nurse Campaign

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

The Anatomy of a Hopkins Nurse

In 2020, we’re digging into some nurse anatomy as part of our yearly campaign (in 2019 we did “Nursing’s Next Big Idea, in 2018 “The Business of Nursing”). For me this was particularly exciting -- designing a health communication campaign in undergrad was what made me want to get into the field.

The concept of the campaign came with me and the head of marketing brainstorming. I particularly wanted to showcase that nurses are clinical and--and researchers, and undertake global health missions, work in public health departments, just how broad and multifaceted they are. I developed a list of suggested features, with some notable suggestions from leadership. I interviewed and wrote profiles, developed graphics, and worked with our contractor to build a game so nurses across our community could “share their anatomy” as a nurse, too.

About the campaign:

If you dig into a Hopkins Nurse's anatomy, you won't find two alike. Some are 15 percent advanced practice clinician serving HIV-positive youth; others are nurse entrepreneurs who devote 10 percent of their work to global health missions. Still others are 100 percent nurse leader—the kind that lead a medical device business. The common link is the holistic nursing perspective that puts human care at the center of everything you do, and the feeling of purpose that makes nursing one of the best jobs. So get inspired! For nurses, the opportunities—locally and globally—are endless.

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